Past still motivates Sherlock


Former Dublin All-Ireland winner Jason Sherlock viewed his career as a failure after first retiring from football.

Sherlock, who is currently a member of Jim Gavin’s backroom team, won seven Leinster SFC crowns along with a Celtic Cross in 1995 during his playing career with the Dubs, but says it’s the titles that he missed out on as a player that fuel him as a coach.

“When I finished playing initially I saw my career as a failure because I lost a lot more big games than I won and that was tough to deal with,” Sherlock said, at the launch of the Leinster GAA and GPA Coaching Pathway for inter-county players, an initiative to encourage former players to get involved in coaching.

“But once I got the reflection and perspective, I could say ‘right, I mightn’t have got the trophies I wanted to win but I developed my character, my resilience, and I never gave up. I developed innovation and creativity.

“I always came back and I always believed until the day I retired that I was getting better as a footballer so I always applied that in my head. I look back now and see that they are the traits that will fuel and motivate me as a coach.”


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